The firmware of the route is a very important part of the router. The firmware is the software that runs the hardware on the router. It is the Operating System on the router. The firmware needs to be updated to make sure that the router stays compatible with the latest media devices so that the user doesn’t have to go around buying new routers every time they wish to buy a new media device. The firmware update also makes sure that the security on the router is kept up to date so that the router and all the sensitive data flowing through it isn’t vulnerable to any potential threats. All of the user’s sensitive information passes through the router such as the private information of the user, their emails and passwords, their banking information when they buy something online and more.
The new firmware might also add some new features to the router and provide bug fixes or resolves any previously faced issues with the router. The new firmware also provides overall enhanced speed boosts. The new firmware also fixes any other issue with the router as well.

Here is the step by step process to update the firmware on the Netgear routers:

• Download the latest firmware for your router from the NETGEAR Download Center and save on the desired location.
• Now, open any internet browser on the same device that is connected to the router. Type in the address bar and press enter.
• Enter the default information when prompted. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password” for most of the Netgear routers. The username and password are case sensitive.
• Select ADVANCED. Then click on Administration.

• Click the Firmware Update or Router Update option. It may vary for different router models.
• Click Choose File or Browse.
• Locate the previously downloaded file and click Upload. The new firmware will start uploading now.
Warning: Do not interrupt the firmware update process or remove the router from the power source as it can damage the router and may even render the router completely useless.
Once the firmware has been updated, the user can start using the start using the router as they desire.

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