Netgear Modem setup

Netgear modem setup

The Netgear is one of the most widely used brands for the networking and wireless communication purposes. Netgear produces many networking devices such as the wireless routers, modems, Wi-Fi range extenders etc. Since its foundation, Netgear has continuously been changing the lives of people by innovating many new things through the wireless networking technology.

Today, Netgear has some of the most reliable, high-tech and user-friendly products listed under their name. Some of the most refined products are from the Nighthawk and Orbi series. The products that come under the Nighthawk and the Orbi series are the wireless routers that are used to communicate in between the devices or for the internet purposes.


The Netgear Modem is the device that transmits the data in the form of packets from the source end to the receiver (user end). The modem is the device responsible for the successful set up of internet connection. Netgear modems are now one of the best available wireless networking devices with the internet speed of up to 150 Mbps.

Netgear modem configuration via

Any networking device like repeater modem or a router will always need to be configured prior to their use in the network. For a very long time, the users used to log in to their modems through the default IP address i.e. or but this method of login was quite complex due to the complex numerical address that most of the users tend to forget. Therefore, Netgear came up with a more effective way by creating a web domain  that was now to be used for the modem portal login.

Here, in this section let us show you how to enter into the Netgear modem and also configuring it easily. Follow the step by step guide of Netgear modem setup in order to be able to configure and install your modem yourself.

  • Unpack the Netgear modem packaging and you will see certain components like Ethernet cable, power supply adapter, DSL cables etc. in the box.
  • Assemble all the components properly and safely.
  • Now, connect the Ethernet cable (RJ45) into the LAN port of the modem and similarly connect the other end of Ethernet cable into your device LAN port.
  • Switch on the power supply of the modem through the wall socket and wait for the lights on the modem to get stable (solid green).
  • Now, open the web browser of your PC and enter the address in the address bar of the browser and hit the enter key.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter the default username and password to enter into the Netgear modem set up page. The default username and password is “admin” and “admin” respectively.
  • Upon entering into the home of the modem, you will need to look out for the Internet WAN tab and then select the correct connection (PPPoE) type from the list of available connection type.
  • Fill in all the details on the connection page like the username and other details provided by the Internet service providers and proceed.
  • Follow rest of the instruction carefully on screen and then click Apply and then save changes
  • Now, click the Reboot tab and the modem will get a reboot within few seconds.

Your modem will now be ready to use in the network and enjoy the fast internet on the Netgear modem.

Resetting the Netgear modem

The Netgear modems are although one of the best available networking devices still sometimes they tend to malfunction due to the user’s negligence or some other reason. The Netgear modems can be reset through one of the two methods. The reset methods are.

Reset via the reset button

Reset via the web interface of the modem

Reset via the reset button-

The Netgear modems although don’t need to be reset in general. But on the off chance of any malfunctioning or modem hang up etc. the user can retrieve their modem by resetting them. The easiest and the fastest way of resetting your modem is by pressing the hard reset button given on the back of the modem panel. Follow the below said points to reset the modem.

Assuming that the power supply of the modem is still on, press the reset button with a help of pointed objects like a paper pin or paper clip.

Insert the paper pin or paper clip into the pinhole of the modem and hold the reset button pressed for at least 10 seconds.

Your modem’s light will go off and on indicating the reset.

Wait for the reset to complete on its own. Don’t interrupt the rebooting process as it can lead to the modem malfunctioning.

Note –It is important to note that after you have reset your modem, all the settings and configuration written on it will be erased and the user will have to reconfigure the modem all again.

Resetting the Netgear modem through the web interface

The Netgear modem can also be reset through the web interface of the modem through the web address The users just need to enter this address in the address bar of the browser and hit the enter key. Then authenticate the homepage with a username and password. Upon logging in to the homepage of the modem, look out for the settings tab and then select the reset button on the bottom left part of the page.

After clicking the reset button, your router will be reset within a few seconds and all the settings on it will be erased. Now, in order to use the modem for the internet connection again, just configure the modem again.